Events Horizon

Events Horizon is our database event management service. It is a plugin based system, that is capable of processing arbitrary actions upon events that are being sent by one or many source databases. Currently we have integrations for:

  • Flow (former ShotGrid)
  • SyncSketch
  • Ftrack

An event plugin can do simple tasks like

In case a Flow-Version status has been set to Approved, set the task status to Done

but also more complex tasks like

In case a note has been added to a review item in SyncSketch, add or modify the new note in Flow, additionally create a picture of the drawovers and upload them in Flow

Or whole workflow tasks like

In case a Flow-Shot status has been set to Ingest, download files from the production studios sFTP, move the to the file-server and rename them according to a configured naming convention

Events Horizon plugins can be managed via a web frontend.