Frame Ranger

Frame Ranger allows to analyze an edit file to find out which clips make up a shot, to create a shotlist and to create the necessary Shot-Entities in the production Database. In addition to that it is possible to bind a configurable set of actions if Frame Ranger creates a new shot, modifies an existing shot or delete a shot (mark it as deleted).

We can provide Frame Ranger in two modes:

  • As subscription in the cloud
  • As subscription on premises

Frame Ranger supports the following file formats:

  • Avid AAF
  • Premiere/Final Cut Pro XML

It has integrations for the following production databases:

  • Flow
  • Ftrack


Because of it's plugin based architecture, Frame Ranger is very customizable, flexible and extendable. The actions, that Frame Ranger performs after analyzing an edit can vary drastically.

An example configuration of Frame Ranger reads out a defined track that contains a Shot-Overlay effect in the edit. Everytime the text changes, Fame Ranger assumes, that there is a new shot, and it'll name the shot as described in the text effect. Other modes could apply different rules and also rule-based AI to determine which clips make up a shot.

Once the analyze has finished Frame Ranger could perform like this (This is just an example, there are many more possibilities):

Event New Modified Delete
Use the Shotname from the Text-Effect Set Shot Status to Changed Set Shot Status to Deleted
Create New Shot in Flow Set Shot Ranges
Set Shot Ranges Generate Audio in Folder
Generate & Upload Thumbnail Generate QT in Folder
Generate Audio in Folder Upload QT and Audio
Generate QT in Folder
Upload QT and Audio