Shipment Ingestor

Server-Sytem, designed to download and rename files according to a configured naming convention and register the ingested files in Flow
It comes with three components:

  • Watcher (Cloud-Server): Accepts Manifests (CSV-Files) of various types and queues them in the Ingestor
  • Ingestor (Cloud-Server): Ingest management queue. Digests a queue entry. Compiles file- renames, transfers or registrations and queues them in SG.
  • Worker (On-Premises-Server): At least one. Can be many. Each worker will execute the Ingest Jobs queued by the Ingestor

Can work with various storages. Currently implemented:

  • Aspera-On-Cloud
  • ShotGrid Uploads
  • ShotGrid Client Review Page

Can work with various formats:

  • CSV
  • SG-Data
  • REST-API (using Listener Server)

System was used in production and in total it ingested over 180,526 deliveries in the timeframe (Feb 2021 - May 2023).

We provide this system as monthly subscription.

Running Watcher and Ingestor on our cloud infrastructure and the Workers optionally at your site.