Customized pipeline solutions


Since starting out in spring 2018, RnDeep has completed more than 50 projects for various national and international clients.

Our software is being used by CGI shops of different sizes, film studios / streaming services and our partners in the pipeline development world.


  • “Hi !”

    Feel free to initiate contact with us via phone, email, Skype, etc. .

    An initial call helps in getting an understanding of what your project challenges, pain points or technical constraints are.
  • Finding solutions

    Once requirements are specified we brainstorm and research the most promising technological approaches.
    With sufficient knowledge established we:
    • Build a software architecture,
    • divide it into tasks
    • and schedule milestones.
  • Your choice

    You will receive a written offer containing:
    • A detailed description of our proposed solution(s),
    • UI / interface visualizations,
    • an implementation timeline and pricing.
  • Implementation & Fine tuning

    After receiving a "go" from your end, we move into the implementation phase.

    Depending on the project's size, you may test drive early prototypes to give feedback and further refine the end product.
  • Support

    With the project reaching the finish line, we stay available for questions and refinements.

    Our service desk portal allows you and us to stay on track of your questions, fixes and additional feature requests.



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